Egor Galiy

I am Egor, a senior designer at Yandex, responsible for communication design and special projects.
MTS Bank: Clicker on Tilda
GetBike. A Landing Page with a Quiz
MTS Bank: Landing Pages from 2023
MTS Bank: Kind Ruble
MTS Bank: Multiverse of Benefits
MTS Bank: Tournament of Cashbacks
MTS Bank: Demo Day
MTS Bank: Refer a Friend IT Specialist
MTS Bank: Hackathon
Ingo Maurer: The Genius of Light Design
I've been a designer for 6 years. During this time, I've created over 300 websites. My accolades include x14 Made on Tilda awards, x2 Dprofile awards, x16 Best CSS awards, x12 TopDesignKing awards, x1 Rating Runet award, and 3rd place in the Tilda Design Battle 2023.
Best CSS
MTS Bank: Candy Factory Game
MTS Bank: Seasonal Landing Page
MTS Bank: Career Chatbot
Vasya: Artist's Website
Тепло-тех: Corporate Website
MTS Bank: Discount Card
MTS Bank: Game
MTS Bank: Gifts for Loved Ones
MTS Bank: Cashback Dynamics
MTS Money: Presentation
Landing or Special Project
Game Website
If you need to showcase a new product, promotion, collaboration, or simply create a lead generation tool. We’ll develop the branding, design, and communication strategy to speak with customers in one voice.
Development of a web game in any format for your product.
Design Ambulance
Any design task completed in the shortest time possible. Need a presentation overnight? A website in a day? A bunch of creatives in an hour? Easy.
Creation of branding based on your brand or from scratch. Design in Figma and development on Tilda / Webflow. Editing of your text / original copywriting. KEVisual: illustrations / 3D models / MJ generation. Development of custom solutions, such as quizzes, calculators, or any other idea you have. SEO setup, integration of forms with CRM / email / Telegram. One month of maintenance, if any adjustments are needed.
60 000₽
Discuss the project
Huge experience working in teams. Are you an agency or a large company? I’m ready to become your permanent contractor.